Move objects to the borders

I’m trying to create a report in base, and trying to move an field to the left border, but it refuses to so so. (see attached image). (trying to move to the green field)

on the page settings I have set the margins to 0, but they seems to be stuck on 2, the only way to move it outside is to change the x coordinate, but moving with the mouse isn’t working…

Save the report after changing the border of the page. Close it and reopen it for editing. Moving by mouse works here after this procedure.

Note: The report builder had been an extension up to LO 4.0. It has been integrated in LO with LO 4.1. The only feature, what has been added in LO 6.4, had been the automatic row height.

When working with report builder I will save very often, also save the database document. Have had too many crashes while editing reports. But will execute reports well - often not fast and also without charts … Seems an interested developer is needed for this component.

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Didn’t solve my issue, but I’ll fix it with the x/y coordinates…
just little annoying (first time user of LO).

Following the procedure described by @RobertG the moving to Border=0 works for me without any problems.

Base - Feld auf Border ist 0

With me:
Version: (x64) / LibreOffice Community
Build ID: 87b77fad49947c1441b67c559c339af8f3517e22
CPU threads: 8; OS: Windows 10.0 Build 19043; UI render: Skia/Raster; VCL: win
Locale: de-DE (de_DE); UI: de-DE
Calc: CL

Yeah, you’re right, it seems to be working now, I created a new report, because I lost the other one (couldn’t quit the report creator without saving, and after pressing X it refused to save.)

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