moving a selected shape inside frame with a smaller / larger granularity than normal arrow keys shifts the frame containing the object instead.

When moving a line or shape inside a frame with ctrl/alt/shift keys to select smaller or larger movement granularities this instead seems to move the entire frame surrounding frame either left or right. Moving a line or shape with the arrow keys on the keyboard works fine but when attempting to move in smaller (or larger) increments by also pressing alt or shift modifier keys this seems to move the entire surround frame instead of the arrow inside.

Any ideas if this is supported, expected behaviour or there is some other way to move an object in the frame in smaller than usual increments (relative to standard arrow keys)?

A bit of a silly workaround may be to move the shape outside the frame, unselect it, reselect, and move it to the final position while you keep pressing Alt. Then re-anchor it to the frame.
That break with wraps.

Right-click on object, Anchor to Farme (for clarity), right-click on object select “Position and Size”. In the dialog click on the Position and Size tab and near the bottom, adjust the horizontal and vertical positions using the measurement fields.

does anybody know if this is by design or an oversight. For other users is this behaviour what they expect? should I loge an enhancement request?

Probably a good idea to lodge enhancement; I can’t see a similar one

I would say that it is unexpected. You expect the selected object to move within its container, not the container to move when it isn’t itself selected.

To move the frame the normal expectation is to select the frame then use arrow and modifier keys. This works to move the frame so there is no need to have additional setting to move the frame.

The same happen if do you have a shape in a table, and tries to move it with Alt+arrrows. But in this case it will change cell width and height.

Yes, that’s true. Curiously, in a table I can only move shape with Shift+Arrow, not with Arrow alone.

Alt is often used to change focus which I suppose is where this issue arises. Ctrl+Arrow doesn’t seem to do anything when a shape is selected, maybe that would be better option for small movements then using Alt?

in a table I can only move shape with Shift+Arrow, not with Arrow alone.


Bug? I don’t know really, it was an experiment. If I insert images in tables, I always anchor the images as character. Tables are there to define position so I use that capability.

Seem that the alternative here is to use zoom, and drag the shape.

Pressing Shift while moving the object constrained the movement by multiples of 45 degrees.

My opinion is this is a bug or oversight. I agree with EarnestAI.

There is a workaround I found works in version 6.1.5 and version 7. If you move the object that you wish to adjust with the ALT-arrow or SHIFT-arrow outside of the frame enough so you can click on the selection points outside of the frame. Then the ALT-arrow and SHIFT-arrow keys will work on the object as expected. Even when you move the object back into the frame. As long as you don’t deselect the object. If you deselect it, in order to move it, you again have to position some selection points outside the frame. Another workaround, working on the same reasoning, is to resize the frame so that the object you want to move is outside of the frame then move the object. Then you can resize the frame back to its original size.

See first comment.