Moving documents between LO and Google Docs

What is the current degree of ‘compatibility’ when moving documents between LO and Google Docs – particularly re: preservation of existing formatting and ease of reformatting (when needed) at the destination?

One specific example of interest: copying (or moving) document tables (not spreadsheets) created in GDocs to LO.

When I tried this, the tables were kept pretty well intact by LO, except that the column widths were radically altered, requiring resizing each of the columns individually. Since there were quite a few such columns, having to manually resize them one-by-one wasn’t exactly welcome.

Is there a better way to do it, though?


That’s the level of compatibility that’s been there for long time. Last time I tried the columns didn’t really get wider or narrower regardless of how you changed them. Plus the row height is fucked when you change it, which becomes a real pain when exporting from Drive.

So sounds like import/export compatibility with Google Drive/Docs isn’t a high priority for LO.

Which commercial products are considered to have the best compatibility with LO… MS Office? Corel WordPerfect?

Maybe the columns narrowed because they were subtables within a larger table – i.e., e.g., imagine four table cells, each containing its own subtable – that also narrowed in the import. Each of the subtables also had multiple columns.

The parent table didn’t retain its size in the import (GDrive → LO), it came in with a reduced width, and all the subtable columns inside the parent table cells were also substantially narrowed. Maybe would not have happened if parent tbl came in as original.

Don’t get me started on compatibility of OpenDocument in Office. Even if they claim to fully support it, and they have 1.2 Strict in the settings, you can never open OpenDocument in Office without it complaining about corruption when there’s none. The problem with GD is in Google’s end. The OpenDocument files work perfectly across programs that truly support it, thus it’s GD’s fault. I have no clue about Corel’s, but I don’t see any point in using it either.

Thanks. I was actually more interested in one-way conversions – i.e., from MS Word or Corel WordPerfect to ODF . . . i.e., not to go back and forth. So, not important for me how MS or Corel import ODF, just vice versa. How well does that work? . . . In a word, I don’t want to go to a lot of trouble reformatting MS Word or WPF docs in LO. Google Docs would be another story, but if b&f with LO doesn’t work well I would just reserve use of GDocs for specific doc types.