Moving from Excel 2003 to Libreoffice Calc

Hello everyone

As the title suggests I’m trying to get rid of Excel 2003 but I’m having some difficulties: I have a relatively large .xls file (30MB) containing about twenty sheets and thousands of formulas, Excel takes about a second to save the file, libreoffice takes 25! So I tried to save the file with the .ods extension and the save time went down to 11 seconds, but it’s
still too much to work efficiently. What could I do to increase the saving speed?

Thank you

Hello Domenico,

may be this question (and its answer) here at helps you: Can I save a spreadsheet file without compression …

But be aware: File size may blow up !

Thanks for the reply,

I saved the file in uncompressed format, now the save time is 9 seconds instead of 11. Is there anything else I could try?

Not to my knowledge - sorry.