Can I save a spreadsheet file without compression, if it reduces the loading/saving time of the file?

I have a spreadsheet with lots of formulas. It is 2.6MB.
I normally change just a few cells (including those changed by the formulas, it must be less than 20 cells).
It takes me over 1 minute to load the file.
5 seconds to make the changes I make.
15 minutes or more to save the file.
It is very inefficient.


AFAIK the answer is "yes, you can save as Flat XML ODF Spreadsheet (.fods) at [ File -> Save As ] A rough guess is, that your 2.6 MB file will be about 20 MB in size (but I doubt of ZIP compression being your real problem).

The Flat XML ODF Spreadsheet is much quicker and only takes less than a minute to save.
The file size is about 45MB, but I don’t care. I prefer to save time.

Thanks for the comment and the info therein. I’m very surprised by the compression rate of your file.

pls. check if your document contains plenty of comments (annotations). you can use Navigator - F5 - and unfold ‘comments’ there. if it’s many (up from 1000 i’d expect ‘impact’) gather information about slowness regarding comments and ways to avoid.

15 minutes to save seems way too long. I have spreadsheets with lots of formulas and opening/saving is just a matter of seconds. I guess it depends on what you mean by a lot, and the complexity of the formulas. What happens if you switch off Autocalculate?
Does your spreadsheet have links to other documents? That would certainly slow things down

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