Moving in Calc using short-cut keys

I’m using Calc to enter my 2018 tax info. Last year, when I finished entering a line of data, I seem to remember that when I pressed Enter, the cursor dropped to the row below and returned to the left-most column in that row, or the column in which I started the current row. That seems to have changed, or my memory is faulty. How can I get Enter to make the cursor go down one row and all the way to the left?
Many thanks.

In a tabular layout the cell cursor is positioned on the next row and the leftmost column of that table if the preceding cell inputs in the same row were closed with Tab and the last cell on the row is closed with Enter. Actually the left column is determined from the column where the Tab sequence started.

Online help article reference for this and related technique.

I have removed my original answer since it was incorrect and incomplete.

Please see the correct answer from @erAck.

That’s not quite correct. See my answer.

Thanks for the correction @erAck. Another note for my cheat sheet :wink: