Moving records only to new odb file with updated forms

I have continued to work on forms in one odb file, while on another computer data has been updated. Can I move the records into the odb file with the improved queries and forms (my preference) or do I have to copy and paste the new forms into file with the updated data. It works, but tedious. I thought there was an SQL solution similar to a backup file, when I let this go in two different directions, but it seems not. Any solutions? Database has about 3000 records, a dozen tables, and about that many forms or more, plus queries.

I used Libre Base exclusively when designing the database (probably not the right term) so if I understand correctly the answers then this is embedded and HSQL. My original data came from a VBE program, but I dumped the data into csv and was able to separate it into appropriate Calc spread sheets and eventually into my new tables in Base.


Although you can extract an SQL file from a database in Base (you do not state your database(s)), I do not see a method to import this into an embedded database. See →
export odb database to .sql

I have found with previous situations, it was faster and less problematic to copy the forms and queries to the file with the tables. Best to make copies of BOTH Base files before starting.

Regardless of the approach, having both on the same computer, it is copy from one and paste into the other.

Working with other than embedded databases moving tables may be easier.


This post may also be of help → Copying records from one table to another

There is also a commercial product called ‘RazorSQL’ which may be of help/interest.

I am able to copy and paste forms into the file with updated data. That seems the best option and that is how I will proceed, and try to minimize the need to do this, going forward, by making changes in only one file.