Moving with keyboard arrow keys in drop-down lists?

I’m using LibreOffice v. in Windows 10 Pro (64 bit).
I’ve noticed that in Data Validity drop-down lists navigation is not possible from one item to the next using the keyboard up or down arrows.

I tried the same thing with LibreOffice v. (portable) and the navigation using the arrow keys works fine. If this is a bug where could I report it?

Quoting @LibOff1: “If this is a bug where could I report it?”

Report bugs to

Concerning this issue first read tdf#130325.

Thank you for your reply including the address to report bugs. I’ll wait for the fix to the problem that I mentioned.

Did you notice that also a backport of the fix to the final release of the 6.3 series was announced?

I noticed it, but I’ve already updated to version 6.4 and I wouldn’t prefer to go back to v.6.3.