MP3s attached as a slide transition do not stay connected


I am the pastor of 3 small churches. One does not have a piano player so I have been using an mp3 connected to the slides as a transition in Impress. That way it plays over multiple slides. This works fine in LibreOffice But in later versions on LibreOffice, like the current 6.05, the connections break when the file is closed.

Does anyone know when this will be fixed? I’d like to upgrade to Linux Mint 19 but cannot afford to lose this ability. Right now, my computer is the only one still running LibreOffice that came stock with Linux Mint 17.3.

Okay, I must be the only one who has this problem but it is a problem for me. In LibreOffice this works perfectly. Since then I cannot keep mp3 files attached to the slide transition. I just tried and it still does not work. LibreOffice, do you have plan for fixing this bug or should I look elsewhere for presentation software? One of there days I going to have to upgrade distribution and I really want this to work.

November 10, 2018 - it’s fixed. Thank you all.

do you have plan for fixing this bug

please name the bug number.