MP4 videos not saved to .pptx

I’m working on a presentation in Impress and noticed that when I save the presentation as a Powerpoint (.pptx) the video files that I’ve added are not included in the presentation. When I re-open the pptx file in Impress it has no reference to the video (not even a placeholder).

I’ve also tried running the conversion from the command line with “–convert-to pptx” and after unzipping and expected the created slides I don’t see any reference to a video.

The videos are MPEG-4 (.mp4) that I created with ffmpeg. One of the videos is 2.1MB, the other is 725KB. I’m on PopOS (basically Ubuntu) with KDE and have LibreOffice 20(Build:1).

Does anyone have an idea how I can get this to work? Note the videos are stored fine in .odp format, but the conference I’m presenting at says they only support PPT and PDF.

You can write a bug on bugzilla.

Thanks. Bug filed: