MRI menus not working

Does anyone else have trouble with the MRI extension in that the menus don’t work?

Are you using a Linux system and KDE/Plasma? (Using that, it doesn’t work for me either - switched to GNOME on my test system and menus start to open - using MRI version: 1.3.3; export SAL_USE_VCLPLUGIN=gtk3 is sufficient to make it work).

Thanks. Yes using Manjaro Linux and KDE/Plasma MRI1.3.4 & LO6.4.0.2

Just what I was hoping: It works properly using


and then running LO
If this was given as an answer I would vote for it

Thanks again

If you wouldn’t have used my hint for your own answer, I’d have put into a for-the-records answer :slight_smile:

Please, always say your environment system. In my PC, work fine. LibO 6.2, 6.3 y 6.4 in ArchLinux.

image description

And MRI version is also important here.

Thanks. Just wanted to know if it worked for anyone else.
Using LO on Manjaro Linux and MRI1.3.4

Manjaro it’s based Arch, in my Arch, work fine LO and MRI1.3.4, but, LibO 6.4 is develop version.

as suggested by Opaque in his comment to the question above