MS Word 97/2000/2003 templates to be loaded in Libre Office


Is it possible to somehow load MS Word 1997/2000/2003 templates (DOT files) in Libre Office Writer and to work properly with them? My friend bought a MacBook and wants to use DOT templates on the machine. If it is not possible, could you recommend some other alternatives?

Many thanks and regards. Lukas

I also imported 2 years ago dot-files into LibO it worked fine but I got a lot of window styles appearing in my style list.
If you don’t have too many files I recommend to create them new. I did the same at end.

I would do the following:

  • double click dot-files so that they become doc-files
  • clean up the window styles and make sure you have the styles you need
  • save as templates in LibO

To add to this answer, here is a screenshot under GNU/Linux using v4.3 showing a DOT and DOTX template in the Template Manager.