Msg Not Enough Disk Space With 8 GB Free

I am using Windows 7 Ultimate - 64 Bit. I have 8 GB of disk space free on C drive, which I thought would be plenty to install LibreOffice. I am getting a message about not enough disk space, when trying to install LibreOffice on my laptop. This message occurs whether I try to install the beta version of LibreOffice (version 6) or the stable version (version 5). The exact version numbers of LibreOffice that I am trying to install, are on the front site of the main web page for LibreOffice. Now I disabled some usually unneeded Window services, a while ago, so I am thinking that is the problem.

Which Windows 7 services does LibreOffice require to be installed or could cause this error message about not enough disk space?

Sincerely Yours,