Multi-line spreadsheet headers

Running libreoffice …
I’m trying to print a spreadsheet with 3 rows of header info that I want to print at the top of each page. I’m pretty sure that I’ve frozen the rows correctly, since when I page down thru the document the desired rows remain displayed on the screen. But when I go to print-preview, only two of the rows get displayed at the top of pages 2 and above. Any suggestions on how to get proper printing and on-screen display?

(I’ve installed libreoffice on a NetBSD-7.99.53 system, compiled from sources using NetBSD’s pkgsrc…)

The row freeze (on-screen display feature) has nothing to do with print range. The printed range is defined in menu Format->Pring ranges (you may select required range and use the Define option of the above menu; what you specifically want is to define Rows to repeat in “Edit” submenu).