Multi-page table page break glitches

I have a three-column, fifty-row table in Writer, with paragraphs of text in each row. (It’s a side-by-side translation of an old cookbook.) The “allow row to break across pages” setting does not seem to work with it. If I leave this setting on and save and exit, then when I re-open the document, it does random weird things to the page breaks. Sometimes it decides that the first row is special and must be segregated on a page of its very own. Concurrently or independently, it decides that some rows are allowed to break across pages, but others are not. Sometimes, the last line on a page is missing its bottom half (mis-rendered, unreadable).

Sometimes, fiddling with the text flow settings – unchecking a box, saving, re-checking the box, saving – fixes it. Sometimes nothing fixes it, and I have to save it with the “allow row to break” setting turned off, close, and re-open. I’ve played with the text flow settings in both Table Properties and Paragraph, accessing both with both the right-click menu and the top drop-down menus. (At first, it seemed like turning off widow/orphan control helped, but it’s not consistent.) The entire table is set to the same paragraph style, and the whole document has the same page style.

What am I doing wrong? Is there another setting somewhere that causes this behavior?

Please remember that that setting is per-row. No idea if that matters; just mentioning it here for information.

@mikekaganski: breaking across pages does not behave as a per-row setting: whether I just click somewhere in the table before accessing the Table Properties dialog, or I first select the entire table, it has the same result: either all (or most) of the bottom rows break, or none of them do. And how do you explain the single row on a page (when there’s room for half a dozen)?

I don’t try to explain something I don’t see myself. You didn’t make a sample available to guess.

I only say things I know.