Multiple data label sources?

I’m trying to make a xy scatter graph. The problem is that I found some limitations on Calc that doesn’t exactly let me do what I want.

While most of the things I want to do can be made in a way or another, I found out that I can only select one source for my data labels making all the columns and lines starting at the same initial value.


  • A1->A9: my X
  • B1->B9: my Y
  • C1->C9: my 2nd Y
  • D1->D18: labels

If I make a graph with A, B and C values and use the labels, it will make values on C and D start on the same label from D1 and I don’t, I want to be able to separate them like D1->D9 are for the first Y, D9->D18 are for the 2nd while using the same column for them.

Visual aid in case it’s not perceptible:

NOTE - Ignore the values of the X, I simply edited my current work to look less strange so it could be used partially as an example.

So what I ask is … Is there a way of having it done the way I want? Am I missing something? I know that I can use “;” and add more sources but it does nothing from what I noticed.

PS - I’m open to even use macros, extensions or even another column for this [I know I can do another graph and place it over the past one but it has the potential of screwing my work if I need to change the X min and max values and that’s something I want to evade]. This would make my work a lot easier instead of forcing me to code a program from zero just to display what I want the way I want when I’m so close to get everything needed done.

You can only have a single range of categories for a chart, so the way to work around this is to have a list of all categories in one column and align the data to the correct row of the category range. For each series plot the full range of categories and corresponding full range for data, leave blanks where there is no plot for that category. Make sure the chart is configured not to plot blanks.

Attached Example, hopefully this is clearer than my description.

That’s what I already do and isn’t practical in some situations but if there isn’t any way to solve this problem, neither LBO is going to add the feature soon, then I will just probably work into other solutions, even if it asks me to fully code from zero.