Multiple images on a page, how and which program?

I want to print multiple copies of a small image, a bookplate. Twelve should fit on an A4 sheet.
Using Writer I tried to place multiple frames on a page, but it was hard to make them all the same size, and all in a grid.
Should I be using a different program? If so, which? Draw?
If Writer, then how do I handle the anchors? There seems to be only one per page. It also anchors to text but there is no text on the page I’m creating.

You better used XnView or XnViewMP for your job. Create a “mosaic” (for instance 4 rows, 3 columns, which depends on portrait or landscape as printed result…). The images are absolutely in regular order…

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If your goal is only to print a collection of a small image (perhaps then to cut them and glue the images as labels on other objects), you’ll be better off with Draw. You paste your image and use the duplicate tool once horizontally to create a line (the duplicate tool allows translation of the duplicates), and a second time with the whole line selection to duplicate vertically.

If there is some text with the pictures, Writer will be the tool.

In order for the frames to be all similar, you must create a frame style which will give the same properties to all frames, except the anchoring mode and position. In this frame style, don’t forget to untick Allow overlap in the Wrap tab.

Anchor all your frames To paragraph and play afterwards with the Position parameters in the Type tab.

Be aware this is probably more tedious than Draw.

Nota: There is always something on a page, be it an empty paragraph. I highly recommend to always work with View>Formatting Marks enabled, as well as the various “boundaries” visible. This helps when you’re trying to know what’s happening and to position accurately objects.

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Many thanks ajliitoz. I meant to thank you earlier but had trouble finding this conversation.
The draw option works well. The duplicate tool is a bit funny. If I have one image, I can duplicate (triplicate) it to get three across, (alternatively three down). Which is good. If I highlight the three images together it looks like I have concatenated them into the one long image. But the duplicate command just replicates the outside images down the page.


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I think it should be easy to do with ‘Impress’ using Menu/Insert/Media/Photo album, you can insert all at once, with 4 every page. Then selecting all the photos in one page reducing their size and pasting in the program that fits better for you.