Multiple lines on a single line chart

Dear LibreOffice community,

Could anyone point me in the right direction?
I could not get my head around line chart below, let alone googling the answer.

How one plots a line chart with Plane speed line and Car speed line?
There should be two lines on the chart for each transport and four dots respectively:

  1. blue line for plane speed
  2. orange line for car speed

In real world this would be a line chart similar to any resource monitoring tool like the following with each line corresponding to its resource:
Screenshot from 2023-11-11 12-51-16

(Off topic?)
I give up.
Can anyone here explain to me what possible benefit can be expected from such a presentation?


Hi @karolus ! Thanks for the reply.

I can see you have reorganized the original data which does not seem to be possible in case of a huge iostat output with 10s of thousands of lines coming in CSV. Please see below.

How would you do it with original data structure?
Let’s say Transport is a device and Speed is rkB/s.

I envision that a pivot table could make for a workable solution.

Could you provide actual source data as you receive them, instead of a picture of it? This relieves us from the task of data conversion/entry, allows us to identify possible issues (and their solution) with source data, and eliminates errors potentially introduced by us in a manual process.

If actual data files (csv source or as imported into your spreadsheets) are too large, or otherwise not allowable for upload (e.g. confidentiality issues), sample data with same layout (cutout, or made from scratch) is also fine.

@keme1 sure. I receive iostat extended statistics output as CSV. I can transform it to some other structure, but not sure if there is a better structure for this kind of data. I have attached cut version as requested.
iostat-station1.ods (44.2 KB)

Unfortunately, I am not able to upload CSV file because it is restricted file format on this forum.

from your screenshot I would try to select B2 to the right|lower End of Data and create a line-chart.

In case you need individual charts for each device you may start with→Data→Filter

@karolus yes, I have added Auto Filter to A column and able to filter by device and build the line chart for that device which is better than nothing.

However, the point is to compare performance of devices to one another, so a chart with a particular property (aqu-sz = average queue depth size) for example with all devices would be a win.

I am trying to learn what I am missing here since this seems like a basic task.

With the raw Data from your iostat…ods
Created a line-Graph … with a secondary y-axis scaled logaritmic where exclusivly the wkB/s data is drawn. (the black line )

iostat-station1_line_graph.ods (84.4 KB)

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@karolus I hope I understand you correctly. How to you compare/distinguish sda wKb/s vs sdb wKB/s then?

your original csv contains ~10k Datasets from 8 different devices ?

so start with →Data→Pivottable drag&drop devices into Rowfield and all the other into DataField aggregating by Average

An interim solution is to add index to records taken at the same time which should help building X-axis on a chart.
Then upload CSV to RAWGraphs which is so intuitive and easy to use.
Map columns accordingly and voilĂ .

Example 1: plane vs car

test.ods (12.7 KB)

Example 2: devices queue depth

iostat-station1-with-index.ods (45.6 KB)