Multiple menu bar problem

I have a problem with Writer. Whenever I open and close a document, new additional menu lbar at the top is added. Only the one at the top is fully functional.

The problem emerged when I updated Libreoffice from previous version.

Two versions were installed at the same time (previous and newer).

I use Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS and Libreoffice

Zaslonska slika 2020-06-03 11-14-11.png

(edited by ajlittoz for better clarity: “toolbar” replaced by “menubar”)

How did you install the newer version? Through standard package update procedure, i.e. with apt-get command or its GUI equivalent? Or did you try to install from source different from Ubuntu repository?

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I am not sure any more, but I believe first verion was installed through apt-get command and the second from LibreOffice webpage and Synaptic. I am far from expert but I believe some components of previous version are still runing simultaneously with new version. Just guessing. I think it would be best to uninstall and purge both, then start from scratch. But I’m not sure how to do this nor if this would be the best option.

In general it is wise to stick to a single method of installation. In the Linux world, every distribution vendor has its own conception of configuration. This means the location of the configuration files, plugins, initial content, …is not the same among distributions. The LibreOffice site is relatively OS-agnostic and definitely distribution-agnostic. The consequence is the binaries don’t take into account the distro idiosyncrasies and this is a source of problems.

My advice in your case is to uninstall both version, hoping all “technical” files will be deleted and reinstall only the official Ubuntu version. If you don’t get the “latest bleeding edge” version, wait for it to bubble up in the distro repository.

This appears to be a long-standing bug in libreoffice: I have experienced it in both Debian 10 and Ubuntu Focal. In both cases I installed libreoffice from the official repositories.