Multiple Print Ranges in Calc?

I need two different printouts from different areas in the same spreadsheet. Is there a way I can define, name and save these ranges (equivalent to ‘Print Areas’ in Excel)?

Can this help?

Set up page and printer.

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With me Windows 10 Home; Version 1909; 64-Bit | LibreOffice, Version: (x64).

Thanks ebot, but no, it’s not what I asked. I want more than one print selection. This is for a single print option.

Yes, then I would simply create several print areas. Did you test it?


may be the following procedure fits your needs:

Main Step Define your print ranges as Named Ranges with Print range option

  • Step 1: Select the Range
  • Step 2: Menu Sheet -> Named Ranges and Expressions -> Define
  • Step 3: Define a in Name field (e.g. PRINTRANGE1)
  • Step 4: Click Range Options
  • Step 5: Tick option [x] Print range (this will make it available by name, when it comes to edit print ranges)
  • Step 6: Click button Add

image description

Repeat steps 1 through 6 until you have defined all your print ranges.

Printout Use the named print ranges defined in Main Step for printout

  • Step 1: Format -> Print Ranges -> Clear
  • Step 2: Format -> Print Ranges -> Edit
  • Step 3: Select from drop down Print Range one of the values defined in Main Step
  • Step 4: Click button OK
  • Step 5: Perform the printout and continue to Step 2

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Hope that helps.

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That’s great thanks, exactly what I wanted.