Multiple Select from DropDown List

Greetings and than you in advance for any and all assistance.

This seems (hopefully) to be an easy question - is it possible in Libre Base from to make multiple selections on a drop down list?

I have a db with two tables - Plants and Benefits the two are linked by the Benefit Id - no problem creating the drop down list - that is created and functioning. The properties on the field has Multiselections set to ‘YES.’ That does not seem to provide the option to select multiple list entries for the Plant…

Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated. If more information is required, please let me know.




In my opinion multi-selection works as it has always done: only for non-data fields controls (Data Field property empty).

This makes sense to me: how to store in a field (single-valued) a selection List?

The screenshot shows that the multi-select works and that selection can be used by macro.

I understand you wish to record multiple benefits for a plant. In a relational environment this it manages by a dedicated table (a plant can have several benefits and a benefit can be made by several plants).


I gave an example implementing the multi-selection in this answer


the example is sensible and straightforward, an excellent description of how the multi-selection feature should work on its own, without macros, were it properly functional.

@doug - In this case one should add the “reverse” function: select in the list the items stored in the bound field. Thank you…

Sorry to say, it’s broken, as you see.