Multiple Stockcharts, overlayed vs side-by-side

Is there a way in Calc or Writer to make a candlestick chart that has two different “Candlesticks” on it?

I was hoping to be able to toggle between two formatting options:

  1. Side-by-Side: the relevant portfolio/stock/security on the left and the benchmarking portfolio/stock/security on the right
  2. One in front of the other: in order to make the chart “slimmer” and more “visible”

Many thanks for any thought put towards this.

I tried looking for a thread that asks for the same thing that I do here but (unfortunately :confused: ) couldn’t find one so I created an account to ask this

Your question is bit ambiguous. I’ll try to answer as I understand it. Comment (don’t answer!) if I am off-topic.

In Calc, you can always have several data series in a single chart. The case of Stock (this is the Calc name for your “Candlestick Charts”) is a bit special because there are already several series needed for a Stock chart.

Proceed for the first with the wizard as you likely do presently.

When done, double click on the chart. This will select it and configure Calc for chart editing. Format>Data Ranges opens the editing dialog. Go to the Data Series tab. Push the Add button to create a new series and enter manually the definitions by selecting successively the item in Data ranges.

In Writer, you import the charts. Consequently there is no configuration here. The issue is to position the frames containing the charts. This is rather tricky because it involves using the correct anchor and adjusting the position in the Type tab of the Properties (accessed with a right-click on the charts).

Explaining it is quite long, so, begin with reading the built-in help about frames (warning! it is terse like a reminder. This is not a tutorial) or the freely downloadable User Guides.

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Oh! so I can simply just keep adding data ranges and defining them as new chart types say, if I wanted to mix chart types, or if I wanted to add/layer StockCharts? Interesting :slight_smile: Thank you !

Caution: mixing chart types is more difficult than adding data series of the same chart type and is quite limited. Experiment to see if you bump into the limitations.