Multiple UI issues after task switch, possible bug ?

I’m using LibreOffice only every now and then, so I can not exactly say since which update the issues occur. Currently I’m on version, running on Arch Linux. At least I can say that the issues weren’t there when I last used LibreOffice. I encountered them in Calc as well as in Writer.

As long as I stay in the application, it works. But when I switch to another application or to another virtual desktop and return, all menus are unresponsive (sometimes even greyed out) and the main area of the window as well as all dialog boxes I try to open are empty. Sometimes it helps to click somewhere in the document or the sheet and pres Ctrl-A. Then the UI gets back to normal. But it does not help every time and mostly not at the first try. In the cases when Ctrl-A does not help, I’m lost: I can not save data and I can not select “Save” in the confirmation box when I close the window.

Unfortunately, just staying in e.g. Writer is not an option, as I need to do some web research for writing my documents.

My PC is relatively fast (AMD Phenom II 1065T 6-core), has plenty of RAM (16 GB), and a SSD for data, so I would rule out PC performance as cause.

Did anyone else see these issues too ? Could it be a bug ?