Multiple user stand alone form using base

I have a LO Base file with tables/queries. I created a standalone form (.odt) that is connected to the Base file. I use the standalone form to input data to the Base file, it’s all working fine. No problem there. I have tried opening two instances of standalone form on my desktop, tried inputting data on both forms. No problem there, the primary keys of each form still auto-increments depending who saved first. Now, my question, will there be any potential problem when the standalone forms are opened in two (or more) different computers? (all computers have the same LO version installed) What will be the limitations on this type of setup? (e.g. appending, deleting or adding records). Or any recommendation on how to make this work. Thanks.


Any time you are going to access a database with more than one user, you need to use a database server. The server provides functionality such as record locking so there are no problems with more than one person accessing/updating the same information.

There are many freeware DB servers such as HSQLDB, Firebird, MySQL, PostgreSQL and many more. Documentation and/or software is available with an internet search. This documentation typically includes installation and usage.

Thanks for the reply!
Is the embedded HSQLDB on the liberoffice base a database server? (asked when creating a new database) or i need a separate one?


The HSQLDB embedded which comes with LO is very old - v1.8.x

If you want to use HSQLDB see his site →