Multiple Versions on Windows 10

I’ve installed both and on the same windows 10 machine (by doing a custom install on each and making sure they’re installed in different directories). What is the easiest way to select which version is used when I try to open a component or a LO file? (I would prefer to be able to right-click and do “Open With” and select which one.)

The version of LO,, I use for my work is installed normally and is default to open files.
I have two other versions installed, an earlier version and a newer version. I use the Open dialogue in then to open files.
If you want to make it easier from file explorer, hold down Shift key and right click on a file, you will see a new entry in the Context menu, Copy path to clipboard, select that and paste the path into the Open dialogue of the other version.
NOTE: The path is enclosed with double quotes which is fine to open the file; if you use the path in the hyperlink dialogue, Ctrl+K, you need to remove the quotes or the link won’t work. Cheers, Al