Multiple windows into a document in Web View?

I often like to view a document on the left half of my moderate size laptop, and another document on the right half. Before I moved to LibreOffice, I often used Microsoft Word’s Web View so that the text reflowed properly in the half-screen size window at a comfortable zoom. If I needed to view different parts of the document at the same time, I would open another window, put it on the other half of the screen, and have both windows on Web View. As an alternative, I did not often find the split-screen feature useful because I couldn’t see enough of the context of the text of interest.

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to use my approach with LibreOffice Writer. The use of mutliple windows seems to be incompatible with Web View. The option to open a new window into a document is greyed out when the document is in Web View. If I open two windows into a document in Normal View, setting Web View in one of them causes the other to disappear.

Is this an unavoidable limitation of LibreOffice Writer, or is there some way for me to get multiple windows in Web View?

The work-around of creating a copy is undesirable, because it almost guarantees that I will need to merge edits at some point (something that I have yet to explore in LibreOffice Writer).

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Same in LibreOffice (x86); OS: Windows 6.1.


This would be really useful for me. Perhaps a feature request is needed here?

Running (x86_64), build fcbaee479e84c6cd81291587d2ee68cba099e129, on Windows 10.

No, not on this page here.

Feature requests can be made on Bugzilla.

How to Report Bugs in LibreOffice (and feature requests).

The problem is tdf#60129.

Thanks, Hrbrgr and mikekaganski.
Looks like there’s a patch (, but it introduces a new bug at the moment and needs to be fixed.