Multiple word suggestions with word completion

Is is possible to implement multiple word suggestions with word completion? What I mean by this is that when you start typing, multiple words would show up instead of one (as it is now), perhaps as a dropdown menu, from which you can choose.

I really love the feature and I think it has great potential, but I find it really frustrating that I can’t use it with smaller words (i.e. 6 letters) because they show up first and I have to continue typing in order to get autocorrect to display longer words. It just isn’t practical because the whole point of it is to save effort typing.

I am thinking that if multiple word suggestions is implemented, this issue will be resolved and will allow more efficient typing.

So is it possible to implement this feature and do you think this might happen in future releases?

For improvement suggestion you should use

When you write Japanese you have this functionality already for 2 - 3 keystrokes. There it is needed because Japanese has a huge amount of homophones. Such a selection is slower than typing but, as explained, there is no other way.

Applying the same technology to other languages with a much smaller number of homophones will slow down your typing speed should you be able to touch type.

Should you type with a limited number of fingers and are forced to look often at your keyboard, the whole thing will slow down further because you need to change your view from keyboard to screen forth and back for most every word.

If you want to be fast I recommend to learn touch type - I am still struggling with it but I know it is the best way.