multisheet calc loses data in certain sheets

I have a multi-sheet workbook that from time to time opens without data in one or two of the sheets. All the other sheets remain fine.

Did you already consider your problem might be related to the one mentioned in this thread?

The issue is that all the data in certain of the worksheets that are part of a workbook totally disappears when after the workbook is saved and reopened… There is no consistency, therefore hard to pin down.
I am using openSuse 42.1 with Gnome 3 and KDE as alternative desktops.

When I use WPS/Kingsoft, or MS Excel,this doesn’t happen

You obviously speak of spredsheet documents intermediarily saved in a proprietary format of MS (xls)? Or in an “open” format of the OOXML falmily (xlsx)? Sorry! I didn’t use any Excel for about 10 years now. If you are addressing a problem related to alien file formats you always should mention this. There are contributors knowing a lot more about this mess than I do. You should also tell the version you are using.