Music does not save in Impress

Working on an Impress slide show with music, win10. Approx. 20 images with music beginning on the 3/4th slide. I’ve got the music inserted, mp3, and it plays thru the entire show as it should. Been working on the timing, so that the slides advance in sync with stanzas of the music, and this also works during a single work session. But after saving, closing Libreoffice, turning off the computer, then at a later time booting up the show I had worked on, the slide show works but there is no music, even though in the box in ‘modify transition, sound’ still has the correct address entered in it. Have tried various ‘tricks’, saving immediately after inserting music, rebooting, adding dummy slide prior to music, changing timing, etc. no luck so far. mecatina

This problem has continued to occur intermittently as I have worked on a presentation. A couple observations - not solutions: Impress seems to save the music link more often when it is mp3, but drop it more often with mp4. When adding the link to the music in TRANSITIONS, click on the down arrow in the sound box, go up to ‘other sound’, click and a dropdown box opens in which you select the sound file you want to add. There are two ways, at least 1. click on the OPEN next to the filename puts it into the ‘sound’ box, or alternatively, put the cursor on the filename and double click - does the same. It seems to me that the file location is saved more reliably when the doubleclick method is used. Maybe these clues will aid someone else in solving the problem. In one Impress presentation I am working on I want there to be 3 separate sound clips: the first two are short separated by a couple slides, before launching the third and longer clip. AS things stand at the moment, the first and third clips launch properly and the second never launches. A puzzle.