must impress odp and audio files be in same folder?

Latest Impress.
Windows 10.
.WAV files have been added using Transition panel.

wav file was added as link or as embedded?

Sorry, just seeing your question. Using Slide Transition, I add sound from a file. So, I would say this is NOT a link, but embedded. Additional experience suggests the .wav file and Impress presentation file should be in the same folder, when sound is added, and remain there.

I have a possibly related question, but will mark this one as answered. Thank you.

Answered: it appears Impress will follow the full path for the sound. I infer from this that the presentation file and sound file should remain in their respective folders. IF you plan to share or move the presentation to a new folder, THEN first put the sound and presentation files in the same folder, AND re-connect the sound files using Slide Transition.

Is the audio actually embedded within the Impress file?