My 5.1.0 version replaces menu icons with black squares. Is there a fix for this?

Newest version of Libreoffice (5.1.0) is behaving strangely on my Win 10 (on MacBook Pro Retina). Many of the icons on my menu bar are randomly replaced by black squares. Reverting to fixes the problem.

Possibly another variant of the OpenGL blacklist issue. Try to turn off the option ‘Use OpenGL for all rendering’ in ‘LibreOffice’ > ‘View’.

You are 100% correct, I was referring to a newer version. So I Removed my “answer” and will look for a proper thread, alternatively create a new one. I’m just trying to help out. Thank you for your contribution!

PS. Colibre is the automatic icon set in my version of LibreOffice.

I had the same problem after installing Windows 10 Creators Update. I can verify that turning off the option ‘Use OpenGL for all rendering’ in ‘LibreOffice’ > ‘View’ fixes the issue.

There are also problems with fonts in Notepad++, where Courier New is blurry. To fix that, I changed the Theme in Style Configurator to Mono Industrial and now use the font “DejaVu Sans Mono.”

tools → options → LibreOffice → view → icon style → ¨Elementary/Breeze¨ look good, ¨Colibre¨ looks very dark