My AskLO Profile Anomalies

When I access my profile Summary here (not logged in - just by clicking my avatar), I see that I have a trust level of “assiduo”. What is that?

According to the Notifications section of my profile (logged in), I see that I received a “Leader” badge on 31 Jul.

In addition, I see in the “Associated Accounts” section that I have an entry there: the email address is mine, but the user name is not one that I have ever used.

Can these anomalies be corrected, please?

Contact the admin.

Set a flag on your question and select “Anything else”. Make attention to your question.


thanks for the prompt reply.

I can edit my post text, but I see nowhere that I can flag the post…

EDIT: (for clarification) I have read your (excellent) guide, but I have no “Show more” icon.

Can you flag my comment? Then do it.

Click on the three dots … and then on the flag symbol.

Nope. No “Flag” or “Show more” icon for me.

EDIT: in fact when I click “Show more” on my own replies, the only additional option is “Bookmark”.

I flagged a top comment of yours with the text:

OP ( @BigRAl ) would like clarification on his account from the admin.
Admin would like to read @BigRAl’s question please.
@BigRAl would appreciate an answer.

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@ Hrbrgr,

many thanks for your assistance. I will await an Admin reply.

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It seems the trust level when not logged in is displayed in an arbitrary language, I for example currently see them in Russian in a private browser window. “assiduo” in Spanish btw is “assiduous” in English, whatever that would mean in this context, like participating or so, but actually is “member”.

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Thanks for the input, @erAck. I had looked up “assiduo” and it is Italian for “diligent”.

I am more concerned about the so-called “Associated Accounts” and that I cannot flag my own posts.

It’s a tad confusing at least that the available feature set depends on the trust level; if someone says do this or that and the other doesn’t even have the feature… (if that is the case here). Anyway, flagging posts usually is more for inappropriate content and spam and such. And yes, assiduo is Italian, not Spanish, or Portuguese assíduo …

Please don’t use flags as a mean to contact admins… Use the channels shown in the about page instead.

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It’s been requested that only TL4 users can flag posts. AFAICT there is no distinction between post authors so TL<4 users aren’t able to flag their own posts either. (I see little reason to flag one’s own post though.)

Thanks for the clarification, @guilhem. I only tried to flag it because I was advised to :wink:

You mean “saml”? That’s not a user name but an authentication protocol; that’s the only protocol we offer on this instance so it’s only cosmetic. I believe all accounts have “saml (” as authenticated account.

@guilhem, thanks for answering my most pressing question: that makes sense.

I will accept you answer as the solution.

(Thanks again, also, to @Hrbrgr and @erAck).