My bad: got my cols/rows mixed up: copy conditional format from cell to cell w/o expanding range

Every 4 cols are days in a month: col A thru D are: ‘Jan 1-7’ ‘Jan 8-14’ ‘Jan 15-21’ 'Jan ‘22-eom’
Comparing E1 (‘Feb 1-7’) value to A1 (‘Jan 1-7’) value and applying appropriate style to E1.
I remove all $ in compared cells and ranges assuming these will be relatively changed when cell is copied.

Setting conditional format for cell E1:
Condition 1 - cell value is greater than A1, apply style ‘good’ (to E1).
Condition 2 - cell value is less than A1, apply style ‘bad’ (to E1).
Range - E1

Then copy cell E1 to other cells in row (ending in col ‘Dec 1-eom’ - total of 48 cols)
After copying, looking at conditional format of F1:
cell being compared is A1 and I expected B1 (relative, but picked up absolute)
conditional format range in F1 is E1:F1 and I expected F1 only.
Thus, conditional format range of each cell should be only the cell itself - but is not!

What exactly do you not like about the answer already given?