My cursor disappears every few seconds

My cursor keeps vanishing when I type in writer, and I have to click my mouse repeatedly to coax it back. Older posts on this issue have said to update versions, but I’m running LibreOffice 6.4 (w/Windows 10 64-bit version 2004), so I’m up to date. I can’t get the problem to show up in other programs, only Writer. --Thanks to all for the prompt feedback! Al’s suggestion seems to have worked. Strange that this issue never came up in Word or OpenOffice!? Live and learn.

Yes, v6.4 is the latest release, but it is also “fresh” and may have bugs. For greater reliability, users should install v6.3. (V6.3.6 is the current stable release.)

Does this only happen in Writer or also in other programs?

Please edit your question. Don’t use an answer, it’s for solutions.

Please, try the Safe Mode.

This looks like a Windows setting. Control Panel | Mouse go to the tab Pointer Options untick “Hide pointer while typing”.

Cheers, Al