My document won't print in color

The color shows up on print preview, but when it prints it’s black and white. In the past it printed in color. I’m thinking I set something incorrectly by mistake. I’m using a logo from an old MS file. could that be the problem.

MS Office used to have a place on the print properties page that said color or black and white. I don’t see that on Libre. I have it set to normal print.

I got an answer that told me to open file/print, click on Properties. Under device change to color. Believe me I’ve tried that a million times. Under Properties there is nothing that says Device or Color. I could only find a box to check if you wanted it to print in black and white. Obviously I don’t have that box checked. My three options under Properties are lay out/paper/print shortcuts. I’l looked under each of those headings many times. There is nothing that says Device or Color. What am I missing. Today is the first time I’ve had this problem

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