My dropdown menus no longer have underlined characters for single-key operation

After installing Ubuntu 18 (and 20), my LibreOffice Menus, and dropdown commands, no longer have underlined characters for single-key operation eg: File (‘F’ underlined) > Exit (‘x’ underlined). This facility was very useful, when typing, and is still present in Firefox. Has this facility been removed from LibreOffice, or have I switched something off???

This facility was very useful

… and others hate it and struggle how to get rid of those underlined characters. It might be (I’m really not sure) the whole thing isn’t a LibreOffice idea, but a design decision of developers of the graphics toolkits used by LibreOffice (KDE Frameworks 5 / GNOME GTK3 - and on Ubuntu you probably use GTK3, which also does no longer support icons in menus / menu dropdowns)

“accelerator keys”.

The same happens with version in openSUSE 15.


On my Ubuntu 20.04 (Mate) with LO v7.0.4.2 with GTK3 here is a Calc Menu:

image description

Now holding down Alt key:

image description

Now still holding Alt & press V:

Also found that left mouse clock on menu then mouse over menu or arrow down also showed the underscores.


Understood you asked for single key but this is all I see available so at least presented something you might use.

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