My extension is hidden in LibreOffice extensions portal

I was testing how to package and publish an extension. I did publish one called “Progress Line” for Impress.

However while I was exploring the available features in the developer panel (I mean “SilverStripe”), I clicked on “Archive” button at my extension page.

Now, I lost track of it and I couldn’t find a way to restore it. It does not show up any more in the public user portal too.

I read in “SilverStripe” documentation that it can be restored from “Archive” tab but I don’t have access to it as an extension developer.

How can I proceed? Report a bug about such an expected trap or is there a method to contact extensions portal administrator so they may restore it for me?

Here is the email notification I got:

Subject: Your extension has been

From: LibreOffice Extensions (‏)
You’re receiving this message to
notify you that your extension
Progress Line has been archived

To anyone who can delete the comment above: Spam!

Please join #tdf-infra at Libera.Chat, to ask this question.

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@“Mike Kaganski” Thank you, they restore it for me right away. Would you please put it as answer I will accept it. I could find that chat channel the official contact info page: Category:Infrastructure - The Document Foundation Wiki

@“Mike Kaganski” ping again, may be notification didn’t work

FTR: the problem is reported solved using IRC chat #tdf-infra at Libera.Chat.

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