My file at Calc suddenly appeared with a previous date. I lost sheets

Hi, I opened my file at Calc and realised that some sheets, that i had created during the previous days, were missing. I realised that the date of the file was almost 20 days prior to the date i saved for the last time.

I dont know if is relative, but before opening that file, i made a backup at my external hard disc, with File History.

At my Calc i didn’t have the selection “Always create a back up copy”.

I am sure that the file was saved after these 20-days-earlierd date, because I was frequently closing it and opening to continue my work.

  1. Is there any possibility that I can recover the actually-lastly saved file?
  2. Why could this happen?

I think only you can answer that question.

Make sensible backups in the future.

Take a look here to find out more:

Preventing data disaster

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I agree, I should be more informed and cautious. Thanx for answering

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