My first ever extension hits an error

I am following the “Development/Create a Hello World LibreOffice extension” tutorial and have created the files and folders as explained. However, when I Add the extension to LibreCalc I get an error: i.e.

( { { Message = “An error occurred while enabling: HelloWorldLibrary”, Context = ( @2175fe70 }, Cause = (any) { ( { { { Message = “”, Context = ( @0 } }, ArgumentPosition = (short) 0 } } }

The Extenion helloworld is visible but faded in the extension manager and there is no icon on the spreadsheet.

I have checked all the files I created and there are no errors.

I am using Windows 7 and Libre 7.


I have downloaded OpenOffice and the extension works fine, but not in Libre. The tutorial had an error in the manifest file (pkg-desc should be pkg-description). I corrected this error but still not working.

Perhaps, the problem is the same as I encountered creating my extension. Look at the following Bugzilla report:

(in brief: LO and AOO need different declarations in Addon.xcu).

I note in the Addon module the following script


are these up to date for Libre Office

@cve60069, Noticed that you are the one submitted this related thread to AOO My first Extension not working (View topic) • Apache OpenOffice Community Forum . If so would you please share the solution if you found one, I more interested in LO but I don’t mind making my extension works for AOO too.