My First Page always displays a Right Page format, even though I've selected Mirrored

I’ve set up my First Page to be Mirrored, but it always displays a Right Page format–even when I use my First Page on a left hand page. I feel like there’s something I don’t understand about the First Page setup. What might I be missing?

To add to what @Pedro1 has answered, the mirrored page layout option simply refers to the margins (inner/outer rather than left/right). These page layout options relate to how the entire work is to be put together and in most cases will not vary from page style to page style (although they obviously can).

Ohhh … I think I understand. I need to set up my chapters differently … Thanks, both of you!

I solved my problem. My chapters are set up with two styles: First Page → Default. I went into styles and clicked First Page under Page, and then chose “Modify”. There I discovered that it was set to “Right And Left”. I changed it to “Mirrored”. Now my chapters can start where they will!

The first page is always a right page… How can it be different? The odd pages are always right pages and the even pages are left (i.e on the back of the odd pages).
This is a convention for publications.

Maybe you wanted the first page to be the back of the cover page? Then you have to create a different first page, which is the cover and then the second page on the document will be your first page…

Here is some help on producing documents with Writer