My interface is turning into German

Window 10 64 bit. Language settings English, region USA on computer. I have Libre Office installed in English. Now German in easing its way into the user interface. The menus are still English but the dialogs have German words in some of the places English in others. In Libra office for the Options Language settings almost everything is in English but the drop down list for user interfaces has “Standard - Englisch (SA)”. All the contents of the drop down lists are like that mixed English and German.

That’s not German, that’s Afrikaans, one of the languages of South Africa. It’s closely related to Dutch, which is similar to German. Set your interface language to English (US) or English (UK) if you don’t want to be surprised.

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I did set my interface to Engish(USA). And most of my interface is in English. That is what is so confusing. And is it set to English on the computer, the browsers, Open Office, AND Libre Office. The input keyboard is English. The reason it may matter that it is in German (for example automatische dateiendung ) is I do have German installed several places. Thanks for helping still this seems to be something more comlex.

That kind of thing happens to me when I have a language pack installed for one language and upgrade OpenOffice or LibreOffice without getting a new language pack. As a result I get mismatches where the lists of interface items have changed.

What you described is indeed German, but English (SA) refers to a Afrikaans English, and that may have borrowed words from Afrikaans.

Afrikaans would refer to English as “Engels”, not “Englisch”. “South African English” is a better name that “Afrikaans English”. There are words from other South African languages incorporated as well