My Libre Office Calc version 6.3.2 don't have REGLINP function, why?

I need to use this function ASAP, how can I possibly use it, if it does not exist on my functions list?


essentially you ask two questions:

1. Question: Why does REGLINP() not exist?

In general the 3 most common reasons are:

  • Nobody implemented that due to lack of developer resources and/or priorities
  • The function is not defined as a standard function
  • You are talking about a function, which has another name in LibreOffice (I even could not find a REGLINP() on a quick search on the internet - the function seems to be that of LINEST() and the REGLINP() name for me appears the Excel name in the Polish version context).

2. Question: How can I possibly use it?

Write your own user-defined function (macro), if it is not LINEST() what you are searching for.

My recommendation is to use: Tools -> Options -> LibreOffice Calc -> Formula -> [x] Use English function names to avoid these kind of problems.

Oh right, that solves my problem, but I already have english function names and the problem was I only new the Polish name of the function, so I just need to remeber now that they may differ and search for translation.

REGLINP is the Polish and Silesian translation of the LINEST function and should be available if you are using such UI translation. If you are using the English UI or switched to English function names then, well, it is LINEST.