My LibreOffice updated and changed the program language from English to Welsh - how do I change it back?

Yes I am based in Wales but do not speak Welsh that well.

The toolbar in my writer has been changed from English to welsh after an update. How do I change from Welsh to English?

Menu Offer → Dewisiadau… → Gosodiadau Iaith → Ieithoedd →

Iaith → Rhyngwyneb defnyddiwr →

Select Saesneg (DU) [English (UK)] or

Saesneg (UDA) [English (USA)]

Iawn → (new window) Iawn

Close and restart LibreOffice …

There is an option in:

Menu/Tools/Options/Language settings/Languages.

Thanks but the toolbar is in welsh I will translate with google and give it a go…sorry did not work

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@bencomp – reposted as a comment …

If all else fails just uninstall it, and download/install the English version.