My LibreOffice was downloaded in Italian. I want it in English!

How can I change the input language from Italian to English. The program was downloaded in Italian without my asking for it that way.

OP: @monacu


The download language is determined by your system language and location etc(i think). If download page refers you to install LibreOffice in Italian you may click to Change Language link below the download boxes

I’ll give you menu steps in numbers:

7Th in top menu (File …Edit) in English Tools
The last item(Options in English) in sub menü of 7th item
Then select 3rd item in left selection box.
The first item is Languages, select English from the right upper corner of the dialog box. Click the first button(Ok) in the floor buttons.

LO will ask for restrarting click ok and LibreOffice will be in English.

Many thanks. Worked like a charm!

Regardless of installation language you can always change user interface back to English by using: Tools | Options | Language Settings | Languages | Language of User interface set to “English (USA)”.