My macros assigns BackgroundColor to some text box. All is OK with my desktop, but with my laptop this doesn't work. What could be the reason?

Desktop: Windows 10, Libre Office, standard installation.

Laptop: Linux Mint 18.2, Libre Office, standard installation.

Desktop: the command Dlg.GetControl(sTxt).GetModel.BackgroundColor = RGB(255,222,173) change the back color of the control sTxt as I want.

Laptop: the command Dlg.GetControl(sTxt).GetModel.BackgroundColor = RGB(255,222,173) doesn’t change the back color of the control sTxt.

What could be the reason?

BTW, the command Dlg.GetControl(sTxt).GetModel.TextColor = RGB(255,222,173) works properly with both computers.

Hard to tell from the given line of code; the problem could be caused by something happening before that line, or perhaps by a different GUI setting on your laptop.

Did you test it on the same document?

I think the reason is the different OS on your computers. My experience with dialogs is: for some elements it is not possible to change the Backgound colors under some OS. I have two laptops (old with Win7 and newer with Win10) and for example for ProgressBar it is not possible to change the Background color. Under W7 it is blue and under W10 it is green. But i think (but not sure) under Linux the Background color of the ProgressBar can be changed.

Or try to update to new version of LibreOffice. Version 7.0 or 7.1 runs faster also on the old computers than 5.x or 6.x (but tested only under Win7/10).

Thanks a lot. Will try.