My menu/tab text color is too similar to background to be readable

My menu/tab fonts are too similar in color to the background to be readable. Is there a solution? Like changing background/text color to increase visibility somehow?

There’s no solution on google so a step-by-step would be helpful for future users.

Win11 x64 darkmode


  • Do not use the Dark mode.
  • Try to change the colors of the Dark mode of the op. sys.
  • Try to change the colors of the LO: Tools - Options - LibreOffice - Application Colors. Or: Tools - Options - LibreOffice - Personalization.

I was searching for this answer today, as I run Windows 10 in dark mode. I found this: Options - LibreOffice - Accessibility Use system colors for page previews - uncheck that, and all other boxes under that header, apply, and restart. You can still run dark mode and read your Libre Office menus. Get all your settings the way you like, then save as a blank .ott (Template.) Set it’s properties to read only. Start all new files from this template. This applies to the flyout menu.