My object won't stay anchored where I put it in Writer

I’ve inserted lines linking text to parts of a photo and every time I close then re-open the document, the lines have moved. I’ve tried anchoring them to page, to paragraph, to character and as character, and the lines always move.

Anyone know what I’m doing wrong or how to fix this?

What format do you use for saving the file?
It may be a bug, that needs to be reported in TDF Bugzilla; but you need to describe exactly the steps you do (press that; click here; type this; select what etc.) to allow others to reproduce. If you have a file that exposes the described behavior with little or no additional effort, then attach it to the Bugzilla issue.

The text is the “primary” thing. The image is then anchored to the text. (ie the text is not anchored to the image!)

Check the manual for Anchor and Wrap options. Anchor the image to a paragraph close by the image. Set Wrap to Optimal page wrap.

Always save all files as .odt - never as .docx or .doc.