My "recent files" and my templates have all just disappeared. How do I get them back?

My recent files always disappears when I do a LO upgrade but I didn’t do one this time, though I have been being nagged to do so lately. The reason I haven’t is because I didn’t want to lose my recent files list.

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OS is Windows 10, Version 1903.

LO version (x64)

I run the update by clicking on new update available.

I don’t update until I have time to make a list of my “recent files” list since I always lose them after an upgrade.

Can you give me the file name of the “recent files”?

Can I rename that file to .bak, update, then rename that back to it’s original?

Hello @libreoffice8, I currently use Win10 + Libo, in the updates I never missed the recent list.

What is your OS and version of LibO and how do you run the update?

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@libreoffice8: I agree that Recent files is a convenient features but you don’t explain your workflow. If your documents/spreadsheets/presentations are well sorted in separate folders corresponding to different activities, the need for “Recent files” is less critical than when you store indistinctively them in Documents or My Documents or whatever this catch-all folder is named. Having a clean screen desktop or folders in a computer is as essential as in real life.