My version: (x64) libreoffice calc does not recognise .* as a wildcard. How can I enable this?


My version: (x64) libreoffice calc does not recognise .* as a wildcard. Please tell me, how can I enable this?
I need to make a decision based on whether a group of three specific characters is present in a group of six characters.

If you’re talking of spreadsheet functions of which some can process regular expressions then it is the setting under menu Tools → Options → Calc → Calculate, General Calculations, Enable regular expressions in formulas. If that is not what you wanted then edit your question to explain.

Update 2018-10-20

To pick up your remark from Hallo Thank you for your message. Having trawled around forI tried it, although it seemed strange, as the option already ticked was 'Enable wildcards in formulae' which seemed far more appropriate. Anyway neither of them works. that it doesn’t work with IF(L38=".ABC.","YES","NO")

Yes, comparison operators like = do not support regular expressions nor wildcards (your example lacks the * btw and should probably read IF(L38=".*ABC.*","YES","NO") instead). Only a few spreadsheet functions do, you could use SEARCH to achieve this:


@erAck: not OP, but that is a very elegant solution and one I can find a use for.

Thank you!

Probably a little bit simpler:
(=IF(COUNIF(L38;".*ABC.*");"YES;"NO") would also do.)

Thanks to you too, @Lupp.

I’m spoilt for choice now!