My View Menu doesn't have Data Source option

My View Menu doesn’t have Data Source option, as described here: Data Sources - LibreOffice Help.

Also F4 doesn’t do nothing.

Is some extension missing?



You don’t specify what version of LO you are using and this can be a factor.

Using v6.1.0.3, menu item View->Data Sources may be at the bottom of the list out of view. You can scroll down further using the Down Arrow key when View is selected. Also the shortcut is `Ctrl+Shift+F4’. The referred to page in your question has not been updated since late 2016.

The cited link is of the old help system. The new help system’s corresponding page is Data Sources

@erAck Thank You. Had not realized this was the old help. Typically used the off line myself.

Thank you for your help. Actually I was using version 5… I’ve installed version 6 now, and it already as the option in the menu. Thanks.